Our comprehensive portfolio includes both standardized products and tailor made products.


Steel Sheet Systems

We design and execute innovative roll forming and cutting lines as well as production units for steel constructions. We have delivered around 1,000 installations all over the world. Our products include:



Rain Water Systems

We can plan and execute entire production lines, which save our clients time, money and effort. We have delivered more than twenty production lines for rain water systems. Our products include:



Steel Frame Construction Systems (Stellar)

Our frame construction systems create a unique whole-house building concept; it combines the strength of steel with foamed concrete insulation. The elements can be used for walls, floors and ceilings. In today’s building industry, the use of recyclable materials, the efficiency of the building process and safety standards in many areas such as those susceptible to earthquakes have become very important issues. Macring Group can offer the most modern Steel Framing systems for both housing and light commercial applications.



We can solve our clients manufacturing challenges with innovative and advanced solutions. We deliver our solutions on a turn key basis, which means that our clients enjoy our services from design to maintenance.

Planning  Our experience in planning and our modern 3D software programs ensure our ability to produce Our planning experience and our modern 3D software programs ensure our ability to produce demanding machinery and processes tailor made to our clients’ needs.

After Sales  To ensure long-lasting and functional usage we offer our clients spare parts and maintenance programs. Our maintenance can either be ordered separately for sporadic service or part of a systematic long-term service agreement.