Macring Oy was established in 1994 with the purpose of providing superior value to its customers by applying the most modern techniques of industrial engineering and automation. Our personnel have wide ranging, long term experience in machine building and in production systems. Macring has always been known for its ability to solve the customer’s manufacturing problems with highly innovated solutions.

Our headquarters is located in Piikkiö, Finland, and our manufacturing centers are located in Finland and in Ukraine. In Finland we focus on total systems delivery whereas our Ukrainian subsidiary produces machinery and tools.

We design, equip and manufacture streamlined production lines for the sheet metal industry. We help our clients produce excellent products by enhancing process flows, cutting costs, increasing capacity and reducing the environmental burden.

Our clients are large, international companies that produce sheet metal products for the construction industry. Our product lines include rain water systems, roll forming and cutting systems, and steel frame systems. We work on a global basis.

Our strength lies in a flexible and agile way of operation. We can tailor make solutions to client demands. Our vast experience and competence enable innovative and cost efficient solutions. We can execute turn key solutions, which include factory layouts, equipment design, investment analysis, business planning, project management, line assembly, testing and service.

Our key target is delivery performance. Our code of conduct is to deliver what we promise. We aim at lean operations, enhancing the effectiveness of projects, decreasing the level of non-value adding time and efforts, and reducing overall operational costs while enhancing customer service and customer benefits.