Macring Steel Sheet Systems

Macring has designed, manufactured and delivered more than 600 roll forming and cutting lines as well as production units for quick-assembly construction all over the world. Macring is one of the most experienced equipment suppliers in the roll forming field.

Slitting and Cutting Lines
Tile Profile Line
Trapezoidal Profile Line
Snap Lock Line

Macring Rain Water Systems

Rain water system production plants designed and delivered by Macring are in operation in 9 different countries. Macring has made altogether 20 rainwater system deliveries.

Gutter and Downpipe Line
Eccentric Press Line
Hydraulic Press Line
Steel Frame Construction Systems

In today's building industry the use of recyclable materials, the efficiency of the building process and safety standards in many areas such as those susceptible to earthquakes have become very important issues. Macring Group can offer the most modern Steel Framing systems for both housing and light commercial applications.

Tailor Made Systems

Macring has always been especially known for its ability to solve the customer's manufacturing problems with highly innovated solutions. This is still one of the strengths on which we pride ourselves, and we continue to serve our customers by developing tailored machines and production lines for their specific needs.

After Sales

In order to guarantee good operation of the machines we can offer you different levels of after-sales service. Our maintenance services range from individual maintenance tasks as ordered by the customer to comprehensive maintenance agreements. Spare part deliveries for our lines naturally form part of our after-sales service.

Stellar Building System

Stellar Technology Stellar combines strength of steel with foamed concrete providing unique whole-house building concept. Read more from our Stellar site


Trapezoidal Profile Lines
Steel Sheet Lines
C-U Lines
Rain Water Systems
Snap Lock Lines
Square G&D
Slitting and Cut-to-Length lines

Second hand machines

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